What We Are

Speed Trapp Consulting has been in the business of design coordination and forced induction consultation since 2003, starting off by consulting and working with small rally, circuit, HPDE and endurance race teams. We have also collaborated with several concept vehicle design companies that required guidance when they attempt to retrofit or introduce turbocharging these concept and test vehicles. As enthusiasts, we wanted an edge outside the standard work we performed originally at Autowerks Motorsport in which STC was originally housed.

Although we specialize in smaller displacement engines that are from most Import and European makes, we work with turbochargers and its supplemental equipment for many applications from piston to rotary engines, Flat-4 and Flat-6 engines, and even the latest in V8 fuel-injected technology. We are made up of a very small team of designers, engineers, and racing consultants that are not only proficient in their respective fields, but above all, are racing enthusiasts.

With Speed Trapp Consulting, the client receives a “well-rounded” experience for their aftermarket forced-induction performance needs, by not relying simply on dynamometer graphs and peak horsepower estimates. We do this by working with the client in education and desired results, without the pressure to sell unnecessary products that the client may not need.

At STC, we understand that a record-breaking car on a drag-strip or circuit course isn’t necessarily a fun car to drive. We may be a small organization, but STC’s goal is to not only provide the client with the proper tools that are needed to make a car fast, but to also be highly reliable and comfortable for both competition racing as well as on the street. STC believes in the purity of the vehicle’s purpose and of the vehicle’s style.

Who we are & where we fit

M. Hideo Trapp – Director / turbocharger design specialist / inline four-cylinder turbocharger specialist /Honda -Acura turbocharged specialty consultant
Brad Paisley – Automotive project management / solutions & orientation specialist for circuit racing & rally teams.
Mark Hayosh – Fabrication specialist / Inline configuration, V-configuration six & eight cylinder forced induction consultant