Warranties & Policies


All items must be shipped to the individual and their address that is listed with that credit card issuer for the first order. Consideration will be made for repeat customers. As an added precaution to the package, any and all orders over $75.00 will have a signature required from either UPS or FEDEX

Packages being shipped within the State of Michigan will be subject to 6% sales tax. If the purchaser has a resale license for the State of Michigan to Sell parts, a resale certificate must be on file before the order is placed and tax cannot be removed once the order is placed. Customer are responsible for returning shipping of any turbocharger “cores” if such an item is required.

There are no guarantees of any shipping times for ANY type of delivery method and no refunds will be given on shipping charges.

Any freight charges incurred by Speed Trapp Consulting L.L.C. while attempting to deliver merchandise which is refused will be billed to the customer. ALL cancelled orders are subject to a 25% restocking fee.

Credit Card Purchases

STC will assume that all transactions that are issued on the credit card given for the purchase of its products has been authorized by the issuer and will be accepted accordingly. If the issuer is unaware of such purchase, it is the responsibility of the registered card holder to contact their credit card company to take appropriate action to resolve unauthorized transactions.

First time customers must fill out a “New Customer Credit Card Authorization Form” at the time of their first purchase. A CVV2 code will be required for all credit card transactions. All customers must provide a working number that is accessible 24 hours / 7 days per week in the event of any exceptions to the shipment of merchandise.   WE WILL NOT ACCEPT THE DISCOVER CARD UNDER ANY CIRCUMSTANCES DUE TO THEIR FRAUDULENT INEFFICIENCIES.

C.O.D. Orders

No C.O.D. orders are accepted. All payments must be paid in full and on record before an order can ship. If using Certified Funds (i.e. Cashier’s Check or Money Order), funds must be cleared before shipment of merchandise can be made. Refused Truck Shipment & Cancelled orders

Backorders & “Just-In-Time” Inventory.

It is STC’s intent to fulfill its orders as quickly as possible after the order is placed. For turbocharger orders, STC builds most turbochargers as ordered and therefore some additional time to fill a custom turbo order is more than likely required. For online orders, billing will occur after the order is placed. The credit card on file will be charged once examination of the order and verification of shipment has been created.


All prices and product availability (including shipping carriers and pricing) are subject to change without prior notice

Damage in Transit

The carrier is responsible for all items damaged in transit. Please contact STC via e-mail for damage claim information. In the meantime, please keep ALL packaging materials and take quality photos of the package as you received. The customer will be asked to hold the damaged product for up to 14 days. DO NOT RETURN THE PACKAGE TO SPEED TRAPP CONSULTING UNLESS INSTRUCTED TO DO SO BY STC STAFF. If the customer interferes with assisting STC in filing a claim with the shipping company by retaining packing material outside of the container and allows the shipping company to inspect the damaged goods, there may be no way to assist the customer.

Return Policy

Please contact Speed Trapp Consulting L.L.C.(“STC”) via e-mail for an RMA number before sending any package back to Speed Trapp Consulting. Damaged or missing items must be reported within 24 hours of receipt. Please enclose a copy of the RMA Authorization Form and a copy of the original invoice. STC will accept the return provided it is in unused and in resell-able condition and returned within 25 days of original invoice. Returned goods are subject to a 25% restocking fee. Do not return merchandise to Speed Trapp Consulting via C.O.D. or Postage Due. If Speed Trapp Consulting is in error in shipping, STC will promptly correct the problem. Refunds will not be authorized on items that have been altered in any way.



Thank you for purchasing from Speed Trapp Consulting. We truly hope you enjoy your products and wish you longevity in your products. If there are any questions, please contact us via e-mail or our offices. We do the best that can in assisting our clients that they have the options available to make the installation of their turbocharger a smooth and relatively painless experience.  However, we do not have the capabilities to monitor every client’s individual installation, nor are we “e-tuners” to assist with getting a turbocharger application to reach its maximum potential, which is why we have our FAQs and Articles and Reference information sections to give our clients information about any questions they have on installing their turbocharger. 

There is no additional warranty stated or implied outside of Garrett-Honeywell Turbo Technologies (which includes workmanship or materials 90 days after receipt of turbocharger) due to the unusual stress placed on competition product(s), including turbochargers in addition to the inability to monitor their modification, installation, and use. The entire risk of quality, performance, and defect is with the purchaser and not the manufacturer, distributor, or retailer. Should any product(s) prove to be defective for any reason under any circumstance outside of workmanship, the purchaser and not the manufacturer (outside of any standard warranty time limits), distributor, or retailer will assume financial responsibility for any consequential damages, repairs/service, and any other liabilities associated with that turbocharger.

Warrantied products must meet STC guidelines which include but are not limited to:  1) Evidence and use of our inline oil filter or an approved inline oil filter 2) Use of water lines when either recommended or required 3) proper installation with photo evidence showing that proper installation was made by a professional (this will be investigated on a case-by-case basis by STC staff at the customer’s discretion which may include an inspection fee.)

A vehicle modified by the use of competition product(s) for use on public roadways may not meet local, state, or federal regulations. Installation and use of this competition product(s) may also affect vehicle insurance coverage. It is the purchaser’s responsibility to meet and comply with regulations and policies before operating vehicle on public roadways.