Turbocharger Repair / Replacement Program

Speed Trapp Consulting Turbocharger Repair / Inspection Policy

It is STC’s policy to warranty repair any turbo that fails due to manufacturer defects or workmanship flaws within an approved timeframe. This is applicable only to the original purchaser of the turbocharger and is not transferable to subsequent owners. STC will not be liable for any damage resulting from oil starvation, oil contamination, foreign object damage, misuse of product including not using the proper oil, and/or any issues resulting from improper installation or modification. STC will also not be liable for any consequential damage or losses resulting from the failure of the turbocharger such as rental car fees, shop fees, or damaged engine internals.

Only Speed Trapp Consulting and their representatives are able to determine if a turbo is to be repaired under this policy. All communication about this process is considered confidential and should not be publicly distributed.

If you have a problem with your turbocharger, please Contact Us first with an inquiry e-mail before shipping the unit

In the event that the turbocharger is sent to us for inspection, there will be a non-refundable $165 inspecition and diagnostic assessment fee that is to be prepaid by the client and will automatically be applied to the cost of the turbocharger’s repair or replacement, or return shipment. This fee is mandatory and is required to begin work without exception. All broken bolts and studs that must be removed on the turbocharger during repair/inspection is $30 per bolt

Once a determination is found, the client will be contacted by e-mail or phone consult describing in detail the possible causes of the issue, diagnosis and potential options as solutions to the problem including full replacement of one or several components.  Estimates given by e-mail or phone conference are just that, an estimate. This may mean that actual invoiced costs may be either above or below the quoted estimate given at the time of diagnosis. Please be patient with us, as during peak times of the year, a full diagnosis may take over one week in duration.

Please make sure that all turbochargers are reasonably and properly packed with packaging paper and insured when shipped to STC. It is highly recommended that you DO NOT use United States Postal Service to ship turbochargers domestically, as they do not provide adequate insurance. In addition, do not use painter’s tape, duct tape or other forms of adhesive to cover the turbine inlet, outlet, compressor cover inlet, outlet or downpipe. DO NOT USE PACKING PEANUTS OR POPCORN IN A CONTAINER WITH AN OPEN TURBOCHARGER.

Please ensure that all fittings, lines and other equipment are not sent with the turbocharger.  We cannot guarantee all parts can be returned due the amount of rebuilds that are sent.

Ensure that the turbo is relatively clean. It doesn’t have to be spotless, but if you have to completely wipe/clean your hands down after holding the turbocharger, that horribly dirty.   Please clean as much oil / debris from the turbocharger as reasonably possible. That helps with turnaround time for overall completion.

Be aware that the container that is used to ship the item to STC will be return shipped in the same container. The higher quality the container that is used to ship in, means a higher quality returned item.

If after a diagnosis has been found and the client has been contacted regarding the results and given recommendations, the client has 30 days from the date of receipt of the turbocharger to make arrangements for its return shipment. After that time period has elapsed, the turbocharger and its supplemental components are considered to be abandoned and subject to destruction.  There are no guaranteed return dates for repair or replacement, so please allow yourself adequate alternate accommodations if the unit sent is for a vehicle driven for daily use.

Turbocharger Rebuilding Services

Turbocharger repair is something that we take very seriously at STC. We want to ensure the client that they not only get a quality rebuild should their turbocharger become damaged, but are confident in knowing that we utilize only genuine parts from their respective manufacturers to ensure long life and repeatable results.  As unfortunate as it may be, turbocharger costs are rarely ever equal to the sum of their parts, and in some cases it costs more to repair a turbocharger than it would be to simply discard or replace the unit entirely.

STC performs rebuilds and repairs for its own turbocharger line as well as all Garrett©, AiResearch© and those that utilize genuine Garrett© products from aftermarket companies. In some cases, depending upon the severity of the repair, as a measure of quality control and to expedite turnaround times, STC may outsource a small portion of its repair workload to a 3rd party Garrett© authorized facility to complete the service. 

Please be aware that STC will not repair any Turbonetics, SPA Turbo, Comp Turbo, or Precision Turbo & Engine (whether the bearing system is journal or ceramic ball-bearing) turbochargers,

In addition, STC does not repair OEM turbochargers from Holset Diesel, or Mitsubishi Heavy Industries, due to low availability and high cost of genuine parts components from these companies.

In some cases, we may have alternative solutions that still may fit an OEM application using high-quality aftermarket parts up to and including a replacement unit. If in doubt, please contact us to ensure your turbocharger falls within the guidelines for repair/rebuild.

Finally, STC will not repair or hybridize* turbochargers from CX Racing, Godspeed, SSAutochrome (and its affiliates), XSpower (and its affiliates), EMUSA,or other turbochargers that are considered to be “eBay” turbochargers.

* “Hybridization” is a process in which one attempts to take a damaged “eBay” turbocharger cartridge and retrofit them with

Genuine Garrett parts in an effort to maximize utility while minimizing repair costs.

STC is an authorized member of the Garrett® Steel-Ballistic Ball Bearing CHRA exchange program.

If there are any questions or concerns about whether or not STC can successfully rebuild your turbocharger, please do not hesitate to contact us