Banshee T04B Ball-Bearing Super Core

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As of 6.01.18 All Investment Cast T3 V-band turbine housings are on Pre-order basis.  You may add this housing to your order but fulfillment of the multiple orders may extend turn around time. We will gladly ship the Supercore first, as you await for your Investment cast housing arrival.

The original Banshee turbocharger was developed in 2014 as a test platform for the Subaru market for those that were looking for the massive torque and responsiveness of Cusco’s Time Attack EJ257 car in  a “stock location” styled configuration for the masses.  The turbocharger got rave reviews for its use, but many reviewers felt that they were being left out in the cold.  This was especially true for those in other markets in which smaller displacement engines  under 2.5 litres that utilized high flowing cylinder heads and higher rpm ranges could benefit from the Banshee’s broad powerband range.

That wait is now over.  The new Banshee is now not only available in the stock location Subaru WRX/STI platform, but has been made to work in a universal compressor/turbine housing configuration.

This unit is based upon Garrett’s GT /GTX Ballistic-ball bearing series of turbochargers but with more refinement than what the normal GTX series would normally be able to offer.

Using  STC’s  7 splitter-blade configuration based upon the successful TR3030R VelociRaptor, the “Banshee” is a road-race oriented turbocharger that uses the same GT Center Housing Rotating Assembly (CHRA) as the GT3076R and GT3071R, and comes in ball-bearing configuration only. So, you get the massive torque and power within the RPM range in a smaller compact package than the GTX30 –R series.

This unit fits the same turbine housings that the GT(X)30R family shares  that uses the 60mm turbine wheel and profile.

CHRA Style: Garrett GT(X)

Use of water lines – required  14mm x 1.5

Use of .030”restrictor /regulator for engines that reach over  40psi(2.7Bar)psi of oil pressure – recommended / required

Use of Inline Oil filter – Highly Recommended

It Is not recommended to use flange-styled restrictors. This will destroy the turbocharger.


Answers as an in-between the GTX3067R and GTX3071R. Road Race oriented and street

Power Level / Characteristics

*480hp to 530hp capability

*Effective Boost pressure efficiency range – 9psi(0.6Bar) -25psi(1.7Bar)

*Engine Displacement Range – 1.6 Litre (Single) – 6.2 Litre (Twin)




*Garrett GT(X)-R Cartridge

*STC  7-splitter blade configuration  TR3030R-Styled T6-7075 Forged Aluminum compressor wheel

*60mm N111 GT30R


*54lbs/min  T6-7075 forged aluminum compressor wheel

*T04B compressor – 2.75”(69.85mm) inlet / 2”(50.8mm) outlet

*60mm  N111 Turbine wheel 


Additional information

Weight 320.00000028219 oz
Dimensions 12 × 12 × 12 in
High Heat Coatings

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Turbine Housing A/R Size

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Turbine Housing Style

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