Reaper GT3590S T04S Port-Shroud *Hyper Package*

Reaper GT3590S T04S Port-Shroud *Hyper Package*
Reaper GT3590S T04S Port-Shroud *Hyper Package*
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Welcome to the Summer Special for the Reaper GT3590S! This STC classic is on special only while supplies are available. 

For a limited time, we have the opportunity to make the GT3590S in a special configuration that would save you hundreds of dollars this summer.   This Hyper-Package Reaper comes not only wiith a Garrett Ported-Shroud T04S compressor cover, but also will come with oil restrictor at no additional charge.  *Please note: Package price only comes with the options shown. No substitutions are available*

Basics of the GT3590S 

This T3 or T4  footprint turbocharger is the ultimate in mid-framed turbocharger design.  At approximately 82lbs/min, The Reaper gives 1.8-2.4 litre 4-cylinder and 4.0 litre engines to make over 730whp with its well-matched turbine exhaust wheel and ported turbine housing in a T31 footprint, or GT3582R foot print.  The compressor wheel fits in Garrett's T04S standard and GT35R ported-shroud compressor covers.

With  its T6 -7075 forged aluminum composition, The Reaper has unparalleled stability to not only prevent compressor wheel flex that is a typical issue with other "billet" aluminum wheels that are of a lower strength composition, but was especially created to be utilized with higher rotational speeds associated with circuit racing, lap attack, and other forms of high endurance racing. As with all of  the STC Forged aluminum series, this turbo gives the reliability, repeatability, and rebuildability  that is expected from utilizing genuine Garrett products

This unit has a standard Journal Bearing T31 2.5" turbine housing configuration, which can easily replace the standard T3/T4 Garrett-based turbocharger, and is available in T3 or T4  3" V-band configuration. (Currently T3 V-band is only available using our 2.5" 4-bolt to 3"  v-band conversion flange as a journal bearing package.)
The use of 3/8th NPT water fittings for the Journal Bearing version is optional, but highly recommended for those using this turbocharger for "daily driving" duties in which oil temperatures and pressures are put to the test.

As a ball-bearing package, instead of the 3/8th NPT fittings, The Reaper uses the same 14mm water fittings that are used on the GT(X)25R-GT(X)35R steel dual ball-bearing cartridge, and requires the use of a restrictor (.030") and water fittings. *

This particular turbocharger is designed best for engine applications that generally plan to run efficiency ranges from 15psi-35psi that plan to run from 450whp-850whp  in the standard  T04S compressor cover, (Ported Shroud T04R cover is an option for a small additional charge) and comes in a  T3 .82A/R Turbine housing with 74mm exhaust wheel for optimal performance above 700hp for the journal bearing versions. T4 Options include Open .68 A/R, .81 A/R, .84A/R and .96 A/R in the 3" V-band downpipe flange.  Divided housing options are .84A/R  in 3" V-band and 1.15 A/R. in a 4 inch V-band downpipe flange configuration. 

We also offer a turbine housing utilizing a TiAL-flanged V-band turbine inlet & V-band turbine outlet in .82A/R turbine housing.



OIl restrictors are only used for those oil feed line applications that reach over 50psi or more which are found at either the engine's "Cold Start" or "Wideo Open Throttle" condition of the engine rpm.  Please ensure that you check or know what your engine's oil pressure may be at these points before purchasing the restrictor/regulator fitting.

It is solely the responsibility of the owner to ensure that correct oil pressure is used when applying the use of an oil restrictor/regulator and STC is indemnified of any liability regarding the owner's engine application.