Garrett GTX-R Ball Bearing

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GTX2860R Super Core
This turbo is capable of 400 HP. Brand new & authentic Garrett GTX2860R dual ball bearing turbo ..
GTX2863R Super Core
Cost is for Cartridge and Cover.   We are currently adding content to contain all housing optio..
GTX2867R Super Core
  Fully-Machined 10-Blade Billet Wheel. Dual Ball bearing oil & water cooled CHRA. Porte..
GTX3067R Ball-Bearing Cartridge & Cover
The new GTX3067R dual ball bearing turbo with ultra high flow compressor wheel featuring Garrett 11-..
GTX3071R  Ball-Bearing Cartridge & Cover
Forged, fully-machined compressor wheel featuring next generation aerodynamics Ported shroud com..
GTX3076R  Ball-Bearing Cartridge & Cover
The GTX3076R is a great upgrade for the GT3076R. The compressor wheel is 60lbs/min while keeping the..
GTX3576R Cartridge & Cover
Cartridge Number is 836047-5001S The GTX3576R is a great option for those looking to run a lower ..
GTX4202R Ball-Bearing Cartridge and Cover
The best in upgrade from the GT4202R (aka GT42RS) with which this is capable of more than 1200hp to ..
GTX4502R Ball-Bearing Cartridge and Cover
This turbo is built meet to class requirement that are limited to a 74mm compressor wheel - Turbine..
W/ Turbine Housing..