Inline Oil Filter & Oil Restrictor - Woodward Machine

Inline Oil Filter & Oil Restrictor - Woodward Machine
Inline Oil Filter & Oil Restrictor - Woodward Machine Inline Oil Filter & Oil Restrictor - Woodward Machine Inline Oil Filter & Oil Restrictor - Woodward Machine Inline Oil Filter & Oil Restrictor - Woodward Machine
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10.5.2018 We are currently switching from 90* elbow to straight Union Fitting for -3AN fittings. 


STC now introduces our oil restrictor/regulator as part of a bundle package!

Now you have the ability to get both our steel oil restrictor with our inline oil filter and integrating elbow to work with almost any turbocharger combination from either the STC, Garrett, or Borg-Warner EFR line.

These restrictors are sized based upon the oil pressure at the line that is required to properly lubricate the turbine shaft a journal bearings of the turbocharger. They are made of stainless steel and have the proper oil orifiace tapped at the top of the fitting. There is no risk to the oil channels of the turbocharger during low oil pressure situations like with flanged-styled restrictors with a drilled hole at the bottom of the flange.

Please see the tab labeled "Special Notes" to see which restrictor is right for your application.

When it comes to a protecting a turbocharger, there is no better way of ensuring health and long life than by using an oil filtration unit that runs in-line with the turbocharger's oil feed line.  At STC, we make sure you get optimal results with ease of installation.   Whether it is with the creation of  a new project with one of our turbos, or simply wanting to make sure that everything runs smoothly on a current project,  when it comes to oil filtration, The STC filter from Woodward Machine has a few advantages over similar filters offered by other companies.

This is the only filter of its type that is available in a -3AN fitting size:  Until now, the smallest commercially available filter was -4AN and not nearly as compact in size. In addition, this filter can be used to filter both fuel and oil. Turbo inlet filtration is only one application that this device can work as. Any sensitive equipment that has a need for a petroleum product filtration using a -3AN or -4AN line can use this inline oil filter.

This product utilizes a 30 micron "bucket" conical-shaped screen filter element which has more surface area to filter than competitors’ “flat” disk-styled filters.  The conical-style filter and its orientation in regards to fluid-flow direction provides more area for trapping actual debris without compromising the screen’s flow rate nor negatively affects the oil’s pressure as it enters into the feed line. This is due to the fact that large debris particles will move down to the bottom outer edge of the filter  which leaves the rest of the filter free from debris build up.  This design created by Woodward Machine allows the user to run longer duration times between filter cleanings or changes. The unit comes already with a 30 micron filter inside.

This device used with the 90* integration elbow allows the user to install the inline oil filter without the need of cutting and / or remaking their current oil feed line.


Filter housing comes assembled with a filter element installed . Always check your filter on occassion for debris. 



The 30 micron screen that come with the Oil filter should be checked about once per year for any debris.  Do not put the screen into a parts washer to clean it.

Use only a petroleum-based product to clean the filter.  An 11/16 wrench at the rubber-seal end of the filter can be used to open the filter.  Do not lubricate the rubber gasket that seals the filter.


Remember that the filter can become clogged. Although a user may have prevented a turbo failure by filtering out contaminants, the user can still cause a turbocharger failure by limiting oil supply through a plugged oil line filter. Check the filter regularly and inspect the filter whenever you perform an engine oil change. Turbo failures resulting from plugged filters are the responsibility of the user.

STC customers who use the Woodward Machine inline oil filter on their turbocharger for its entire service life will never be charged for an inspection fee for turbo repairs that have resulted from oil contamination.  This fee waiver protects the user against oil contamination and does not apply to failures due to other issues (e.g insufficient oil supply [oil starvation], plugged /clogged inline filter, excessive EGT, failure to connect coolant lines to the turbo, or blade damage resulting from fingers, rags, O2 sensor pigtails, boost controller vacuum lines, stray washers or small animals that are ingested into the turbo.) Nor does waiver apply to objects such as valves, valve guides or piston debris that may get spit out of the engine into the turbine causing damage.

It is the responsibility of the original purchasers who has used the Inline oil filter for the entire service life of the turbocharger to provide proof that they purchased an inline oil filter, and not STC. As evidence, purchasers should send in a copy of the original invoice showing the simultaneous purchase of the inline oil filter and the STC turbo that is being presented for servicing or repair in order to benefit from this oil contamination fee waiver.