TiAL 3" Turbine outlet weld flange for GT(X)30R-GT(X)35R -TR3030R

TiAL 3" Turbine outlet weld flange  for GT(X)30R-GT(X)35R -TR3030R
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This is the 3.0" v-band weld flange that is used for the T3 3" conical v-band turbine housing and TiAL 3" turbine housing for the GT30R/TR3030R/GT35R GT turbine housings as well as the GT42/45 Housings.  These are made of stainless steel and are the proper weld flange as it used a male seal seam for the Turbine housing.  Please allow 2 days to ship based upon demand.

To be matched with part numbers

GTVFL3.0 - Inlet Flange

VC300 - Inlet Clamp

VBF300M - Outlet Flange for TiAL Sport Turbine Housing

VBF300MG - Outlet Flange for Garrett GT-R Turbine Housing.

VC355 - Outlet Clamp -GT28/30/35/42/45

Also see our full kit that is available to save time and shipping.

Please be aware of difference between the VB300MG and VB300M 3.0" weld flanges for turbine Exhaust as these parts are not interchangeable

VBF300M - TiAL 3.0" V-band weld flange

VBF300MG - Garrett 3.0" V-band weld flange