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Inline Oil Filter & Oil Restrictor - Woodward Machine
  10.5.2018 We are currently switching from 90* elbow to straight Union Fitting for -3AN fit..
T31 2.5" 4-bolt to 3.0" V-band turbine conversion flange kit
This is the 3 piece 2.5" to 3.0" v-band conversion kit for your Garrett/Turbonetics T31 style 2.5" 4..
TiAL 3" Turbine outlet weld flange  for GT(X)30R-GT(X)35R -TR3030R
This is the 3.0" v-band weld flange that is used for the T3 3" conical v-band turbine housing and Ti..
TiAL 3.0"  V-band Turbine housing clamp & weld flange kit
This is the full flange and v-band Kit for the TiAL V-band style  Turbine Housings of the GT30R..
TiAL 3.5"  GT30 IWG Water Jacket - V-band Turbine housing clamp & weld flange kit
This kit is specifically for the GT30 Internally Wastegated water-jacketed Turbine housing (TiAL0056..
TiAL Outlet Clamp GT30 GT35 GT42/45 Turbine housing
TiAL Outlet Turbine outlet V-band clamp used on GT30 & GT35 Housings. This is the v-band clamp t..
TiAL V-Band 3" Inlet Clamp GT30 & GT35
V-Band clamp 3" Turbine INLET CLAMP For TiAL turbine housing GT30, GT35 and GT42/45 TiAL V-band Hous..
TiAL V-Band Clamp  99759-0430
V0137159M-0430-S6 TIAL SPORT VC 4205 99759-0430 ..
TiAL V-Band Clamp  99759-0471
V0137159M-0471-S6 TIAL SPORT VC 4620 99759-0471 ..
TiAL V-Band Clamp  99759-0525
V0137159M-0525-S6 TIAL SPORT VC 5153 99759-0525 ..
TiAL V-Band Clamp TurboHSG VC355- GT28/GT30/GT35R Downpipe Clamp
This is the downpipe clamp used on the TiAL an dGarrett T3 3" v-band downpipe using a male weld flan..
TiAL V-Band Inlet Clamp 99759-0390
V0137159M-0390-S6 INLET CLAMP 99759-0390 ..
Tial V-Band Inlet Weld Flange  GT42/GT45
Tial V-Band INLET FLANGE  For GT42 Sized TiAL Turbine Housing ..
TiAL V-band Inlet Weld Flange 3" GTVFL3.0
V-band Inlet Weld Flange 3" for GT30 GT35 & GT42/25 TiAL V-band turbine housings Please assoc..